I sat today in Indepenence Hall in Tel Aviv, listening to a beautiful Israeli named Michal talk about the birth of the modern state of Israel. I could barely believe I was there, looking up at Theodore Herzl’s photo and listening to Ben Gurion’s recorded voice declaring the creation of the State of Israel. I wiped my tears away as I watched so many women around me also wiping their tears away. I was struck by the courage and the vision that was required to form this State. That was so inspiring. What was also inspiring was the understanding that it wasn’t at all perfect. The Magen-David was rotated by 90 degrees. They barely had the text ready. It wasn’t the secret they had planned. The vote had barely passed. It was like a modern day Chanukah story. Really, the State of Israel IS a modern day Chanukah story. And here I am in Israel to celebrate and appreciate the miracle. It is nothing less than unbelievable – but I do believe and I am so inspired.

I’m including shots of Tel Aviv and Jaffa because the sights are so beautiful.