I have always loved the wilderness as a metaphor for ‘becoming’ in the Torah – and even more so when it became the focus of Katie’s D’var Torah when she became bat mitzvah.  I have had such a sense of ‘becoming’ all day long – from Masada to the Dead Sea to the Judean Desert.  What is it that I am becoming? I’m not exactly sure – but I know what it feels like.  It feels like comfort and joy.

I stood in an ancient synagogue today on Masada singing Shalom Rav with women I had never met before last Tuesday. They truly felt like sisters. It was so beautiful.

I leaned back into the Dead Sea today and floated with women all around me and felt light and in total awe of nature.

I danced in the desert tonight with a scarf in my hair and the smell of fresh pita in the air, feeling free and absolutely exuberant.

When I looked out over the mountains I thought, “This is my homeland – my people have looked at this sight for thousands of years.” It felt to me like both a new and an ancient truth at the same time.

The combination of beauty, love and learning on this trip is feeding my mind, body and soul.  It is the most nourishing petri dish of ‘becoming’.