Being an Arnold got me out of the house this week on a very slippery, rainy day.  Listening to Hamilton inspired me to send an email to Brene Brown, explaining a theory I’ve been working on.  Affiliating with Kol Ami, gave me the opportunity to grow as a leader this week.  Connecting with the women from my JWRP trip on a daily basis provided a steady dose of love and support.  Really, the phenomenon that I’m marvelling at this week, is a truth that people have understood since the beginning of time.  That’s why there are family mottos.  And mission statements.  They serve to attract, inspire and define.   I believe all of this is happening whether I’m aware of it or not.  The benefit of awareness is that I can proactively choose the company I keep and focus on being attracted, inspired and defined.

When I think about being an Arnold, I embrace stubbornness, the freedom to walk to a different beat and seeking joy all over the place.

Listening to Hamilton inspires me to write, speak passionately and believe in the power of change.

Affiliating with Kol Ami reinforces the power of community, the goodness of contributing my talents to help us thrive as well as the value of building connections based on shared values.

Connecting with my JWRP “sisters” infuses me with warmth and support.

The company I keep could pull me down or catapult me into the stratosphere.  Feeling so grateful to be keeping company with those who help me to bring out my best.