There is enough time.

There is enough time to pause in the morning before I open my eyes and find something in the day that I’m excited about.  There is enough time to cuddle with my youngest daughter and see both her baby face and her 11-year-old face as she nestles into me. There is enough time to check if I’m breathing deeply and regularly.

There is enough time to see the sunshine coming through the trees and watch the shadows play on the ground as I walk with my puppy through the ravine. There is enough time to listen to the birds chirp at each other and feel the cool air on my arms.

There is enough time to think about what I want and what I have.

There is enough time to smile at strangers as we pass each other and wish them a good morning. There is enough time to pause when I stub my toe getting dressed and be curious about the pain and offer myself some comfort (instead of cursing the bed and my clumsiness – although there’s also enough time for that).

There’s enough time to feel the softness of my son’s hair and the warmth of his skin as I kiss the top of his head. There’s enough time to hug my husband and take a moment to really feel what it is like to hold and be held.

There’s enough time to write, play, dance, put lemon in my water and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

There’s enough time to discuss conflict in Israel with my oldest daughter and feel the awe and wonder of her intelligence and engagement.

There’s enough time to look at my Mother’s Day roses and feel the love of my husband and children.

There’s enough time to make my to-do list for the day and strategize about how it can get done.

There’s enough time to give generously.

There’s enough time to take what I need and want.

When I believe there is enough time, there is.